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Pit Bull Terrier

American Pit bull Terrier were bred in Great Britain with either the white English terrier or the dark and-tan terrier to create pit bull terriers, pit bull terrier, pit bull, pit bulls, pit or pits breed specialized in fighting. These games, for example, bull baiting were well known in England back in the 1200s. Dogs would enter pits and battle the giant creatures for entertainment (consequently the name). When baiting was deemed inhumane in England in the 1800s, pit bulls were turned on each other and unlawful canine battling became famous in town.
They have been “selectively” bred for centuries so that they acquire the characteristic of fighting with other dogs. But they were found to be more responsible after they were exported from England to United States, and over time they turned out to be genuine American symbol.
Both the male and female of this breed, American Pit Bull Terriers, have weight between 30 and 80 lbs
They have a low center of gravity and their average height can be 19 inches (male) and 18 inches (female)

Pit Bulls

Their energy level is neither very high nor too low.
Their life expectancy is 12 years (average)
They need a lot of attention and might need on average 30 minutes exercise time per day
What you would love about them. Pit bull Terriers can easily adapt to new locations, they can be kept in apartments provided they get enough exercise. They are not very cat friendly and dog friendly, but with children they are very affectionate and playful. There require very low maintenance and can be trained as desirable. They are submissive and the desire of pleasing the owner is their characteristic feature. They are never aggressive toward humans.
They are intelligent species and their willingness to work and friendliness is what makes them the best choice for performance events.
Their smile is amazing and they make good sporting partners as they like to show off their strength and speed and have a desire to impress their owners. They are also excellent candidates for therapy dogs.

Pit Bull

Some facts you should know
The APBT are not the best option for the purpose of guarding. They excessively trust people; they love to make new friends. So sometime this characteristic of them turns out to be a weakness as they may welcome an intruder because of their friendly nature.
One thing that is misunderstood about them is that they have interlocked jaws. People tend to stay away from Pit Bulls as they fear them of the interlocking capability. They do have strong jaw muscles but that does not in any way account for the ability to interlock their jaw. So keep calm and remember the truth is they do not have interlocked jaws. It is just a myth.
To conclude, American Pit Bull Terrier is an intelligent, loyal and friendly breed. It is time that people stop looking at these innocent creatures as something to be fear of. They are not killing machines.


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This is the super short list. The whole pedigree is full of them! If your looking for a pet or you want to train your dog to compete we have the top bloodline around. These guys make the best pets. Very loving, compassionate and loyal dogs.
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