American Pit Bull Terrier



Pit Bull Terrier

American Pit bull Terrier is a well-known breed of pit bull terrier or pit bull, a very famous species of dogs. Contrary to popular belief, they in any way are not aggressive without reason and are actually very people oriented and very sociable if trained properly. This breed of pit bulls is extremely active and so playful, they enjoy having a space to themselves where they can move around. The breed require an extremely responsible person to be taking care of them, they require proper training and affection to be a good pet. If you are not willing to put in the time and effort required to make your new puppy happy, you might not want to go for this particular breed.
There are certain ways that you can make sure that your dog is cared for, have a look at the tips below:
Ensuring a comfortable space
Before you go ahead with purchasing one of these fantastic dogs, make sure you have the right space to raise a them in. This breed does not enjoy being in confined spaces like apartments and almost always need an open yard to play in regularly. If they are left indoors for too long, it may cause them to start reacting more aggressively and this will cause problems.

Pit Bull

Training your dog properly
Since they have a lot of energy, they will require proper training to channel that energy. These guys are quite athletic, which means they require a ton of exercise and need to be taken out at least three time a day. You can simply play fetch with him or buy more advanced toys to train your dog. If these dogs are properly trained, the chances of them acting aggressive are next to zero, so it is very important to invest in their training.

Neutering/spaying your dogs
Neutering or spaying your pit bull terrier will relieve your dog from a lot of unwarranted pain. If they are not neutered, they will always be looking around to mate and might even run away. Having them spayed ensures that they are safe, and it also keeps their hostility under check. This would also save them from a number of diseases like prostate cancer etc.

Visiting a veterinarian regularly
Like any other dog, a pit bull can benefit from regular trips to the doctor. You have to work on their hygiene as well, ensure they are bathed regularly, groom their coat and clean their ears often. An important part of a healthy lifestyle for an American Pit Bull Terrier is for them to maintain a healthy weight. If you ever feel like your dog is in pain or discomfort for a prolonged period of time, visit a veterinarian immediately!

Giving your dog the right supplies
In order to create a loving home for your new best friend, it is imperative that a dog has the right supplies, in addition to a comfortable space. Invest in good quality chew toys, balls and stuffed toys for your puppy to play with. Buy a good sized dog bed for your dog, one he is comfortable sleeping in. Also make sure he has his own food and water dish.
These are just some main pointers in order to care for your working dog. These dogs are very loving and soon get dependent on their owner. Make sure you will be willing to give the full amount the time and attention it deserves and you will see what wonderful creatures they are. There are never any bad dogs, just dogs that are badly trained!