Pit Bull Terrier

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American Pit Bull is a breed of pit bull that is quite popular if your looking for a pit bull terrier. Mostly, the breed have a bad reputation because they are termed as an aggressive and unpredictable dog. The truth is that they are very social and people oriented dogs. With the proper training, they can become the ideal family pet. Pits are notoriously termed as having a high energy threshold which means they require a lot of activity every day and that results in them being somewhat high maintenance. But if you feel that they are the right dog for you, you will find them to be extremely eager to learn and a lot of fun to train.

American Pit Bull

How To Train A Pit Bull
There are a number of ways to train your pit but we have compiled a list of the most necessary and basic training that should be given. It is best to start training the dogs when they are a small puppy as it will become difficult with time to get them to listen to you. If you get a one when they are already grown up, it may take more effort and more time to train them but they will eventually get trained.
Use Positive Reinforcements
It is better for you to focus on the journey as compared to the results; that way you will enjoy the process and so will your dog. It will take some time for them to respond to your directions so you will have to be patient. Start giving them simple commands and they will soon start completing the simple tasks. Give them their favorite food or a treat to positively reinforce the training. This will be more beneficial as compared to using punishment when your puppy does not listen.
Establishing Your Dominance
It is imperative to establish your dominance with your dog. If you do not assert yourself where necessary, they will get aggressive as they will identify themselves as the alpha. To establish your position as the boss in the relationship, you are responsible for both giving him permission for things he can do and tell him no when the activity is undesirable.
Discourage Biting Early On
Pits are natural biters, they love to bite. You may find it cute when your little puppy nips your arms or shoulder but you must realize that these bites will have very dire consequences once they are all grown up. In order to avoid such a situation, always assert that biting is a NO. When it bites you, cry out in pain and move away. Let him know that this kind of behavior is entirely unacceptable.
Socializing Your Pit Bull
Socializing your pit bull is an important step of training your dog. The best way to go about this to take your dog out when he is little, this gives him a chance to interact with other pets and people. The more he meets people during his puppy hood, the more likely it is that he will socialize with other people and dogs when he is older.
These are some tips to train your dog so he does not end up with pent up aggression and to accustom him to a friendly and loving home. There are numerous other ways which you can employ for training your American pit. Start with the basics and then move forward, your dog will be a family pet in no time!